Getting through tough times.

We all have different definitions of happiness,joy, pain, anxiety, and all the other emotions. Whenever a person goes through something, something bad, or someone hurts them, they think that it’s the most terrible thing ever happened to them and they can’t get over it, they won’t be ever able to move on in life, and some of them even consider the option of ending their life. Remember, you don’t have any control over how you feel, but you do have control over how you react to it. The best way to get over your pain is to feel it. Feel it till you accept it. Once you accept it, you’ll embrace it. And once you’ll be able to embrace your pain,you’ll invest in yourself instead of draining all your energy in crying and overthinking about negative scenarios. How can you feel your pain? And then embrace it? Overthinking a word, which can be used positively, by meditation. Which helps understanding our own mind, helps transforming negative into positive. Meditation is a process where you think and feel everything deeply. You’ve to bring out something positive from everything you’ve faced, for example if a person left you, how about if that person later cheated on you? Better that they took a step earlier, and gave you a chance for your own growth. For example, one of your friends make excuses to you and now they’re out of touch without any explanations, no wonder that hurts but what if they’re stabbing you behind your back and you really don’t need them? Everything happens for a reason, and does have a positive outcome. Learn to bring out something positive out of all your actual and self made problems. It won’t even just help you getting through tough times, but you’ll also grow. You’ll be able to grow throw your pain.